Practising a multidisciplinary approach.

Commercial and Corporate Law + -
Modern Corporate Governance has become its own discipline and an indispensable management tool. Pragma Advogados guarantees its clients the best, most innovative solutions for their Corporate and Commercial Law problems. The Pragma Advogados team is trained to conduct overall monitoring of a company’s corporate life, provide legal assistance on a wide range of matters, specifically reorganisation and corporate restructuring operations, mergers, spin-offs, acquisitions and disposals of companies, establishment of joint ventures, and consortiums. Pragma also has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting commercial contracts, such as agency, concession, franchising and distribution agreements.
Banking and Financial Law + -
Regulation, Technology, and Disintermediation that have allowed players from outside the industry to enter and change the Financial Sector landscape. Pragma Advogados particularly focuses on Banking and Financial Intermediation. The firm's vast experience in advising Financial Institutions guarantees its clients permanent, effective and multidisciplinary support for each activity, ranging from all types of banking contracts, guarantees, investment funds, structured financing, derivatives and FinTech, to consultancy in corporate financing operations. Pragma Advogados also provides an experienced hand in investment matters and in the regulation and supervision of financial institutions and anti-money laundering.
Civil Law + -
In an increasingly complex, volatile, ambiguous and interdependent world, Pragma Advogados provides advice and support to its clients in different aspects of Civil Law, particularly Obligations and Civil Liability, as well as Property Rights. In addition to legal advice, and the drafting and analysis of contracts and other legal instruments, Pragma Advogados provides pre-litigation negotiation and, when necessary, intelligent and combative legal representation of its clients' rights and interests.
Administrative Law and Public Procurement + -
The State and the Public Sector are undergoing a digital transformation. With extensive knowledge in the legal and administrative field, Pragma Advogados provides legal assistance to public and private entities as part of multifaceted administrative relations. This support encompasses public procurement, expropriations, administrative procedures, public tenders, administrative actions, judicial challenges, complaints and appeals.
Environmental Law + -
Going beyond everyday affairs, there’s a single issue that is of concern to everyone - State, business, citizens and civil society alike - the environment. Pragma provides advice on the legislation applicable to performing the different economic activities related to environmental law, representation under the scope of administrative offences and environmental litigation, and on the development of compliance programs.
Litigation and Arbitration + -
In the first two decades of the new century, numerous crises have unfolded. As we are well aware: there is more litigation during times of crisis. Pragma's lawyers have litigation in their DNA. We aim to always resolve disputes in a preventive, negotiated and consensual manner. But if necessary, we have proven expertise in Court and Arbitration proceedings, based on our experience across the firm’s different areas of expertise: civil litigation, family and inheritance, labour, commercial and corporate, banking and financial intermediation, administrative, tax, criminal, misdemeanour, environmental, etc.
Family and Juvenile Law + -
“Modern families” are here to stay, so the safeguarding and protection of minors is essential. Pragma Advogados has the necessary knowledge and experience to manage and resolve Family Law disputes, particularly regarding adoption proceedings, separations, divorces, divisions, pre-nuptial agreements, paternity suits, paternity regulation, alimony suits, provisional alimony and child custody proceedings.
Insolvency Law + -
In an area of utmost importance and a critical moment in a company’s business cycle, Pragma Advogados offers the best solutions, whether for creditors or the insolvent party, ensuring defence of your credit and the planning and viability of your company's recovery. Pragma Advogados also works on individual insolvency cases.
Gaming Law + -
Gaming and betting, whether traditional or online platforms, is a particularly dynamic industry and its logic and benefits are being applied to many other business sectors. With many years of experience in assisting one of the largest business groups in this field, Pragma Advogados has solid knowledge and is highly qualified to provide our clients with first class legal assistance.
Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Patents + -
Industrial Property encompasses all sectors of activity and is a key area due to the added value and innovation it brings. Pragma Advogados focuses on protecting and optimising its clients’ intangible assets: trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, patent protection and unfair competition are some of the issues and subjects we work on.
Sports Law + -
Sport is not only a media and global mega trend; in addition to the passions it arouses, it is also subject to rational economic rules. Pragma Advogados boasts a team familiar with the sporting sector’s legal specificities and multidisciplinary nature.
Tax Law + -
Optimising also means managing resources well. This applies to all areas. The tax advice that Pragma Advogados offers, both for individuals and legal entities, guarantees rigour and excellence for clients, in full compliance with the law.
Labour Law + -
The world of work has not stopped evolving. Labour law is an area of expertise where Pragma Advogados’ experience really shines through. A highly qualified team, trained to handle every type of legal issue and provide advice on human resource management, particularly for collective dismissals and termination of employment procedures , disciplinary procedures, lay-offs, signing contracts, permanence, exclusivity and non-competition agreements, protecting industrial and intellectual property, the transfer and leasing of businesses, social security plans, as well as negotiating collective bargaining agreements.
Criminal and Administrative Offence Law + -
Times of crisis are usually accompanied by greater social and economic conflict. Pragma Advogados has qualified, experienced lawyers to appropriately guide our clients in these areas, from the preparation of simple criminal reports to monitoring complex judicial investigations, pre-trial and all criminal litigation, including trials for criminal cases and administrative offences, the judicial challenge of fines or criminal liability for acts of corporate management.
Inheritance Law + -
The preparation and transfer of assets between generations is the culmination of a lifetime of work. Pragma Advogados' legal assistance services help clients make the best decisions in this legal area. Judicial inventory, donatio mortis causa, wills, living inheritance, out-of-court division, succession in business assets and family businesses are some of Pragma’s areas of expertise.
Credit Recovery + -
Our job ends when the client recovers their credit. Pragma Advogados is aware of this and has a specialised debt collection and recovery team, both in and out of court. We cannot guarantee the collection or recovery of your credit, but we believe our commitment can make the difference.
Personal Data Protection and GDPR + -
Rapid digital development has turned Data Protection into a key field in terms of production and regulation. To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable legislation on personal data protection, Pragma Advogados offers a wide range of legal services, specifically in all matters regarding compliance, privacy and personal data protection, by drafting and performing all audits and procedures related to the processing and protection of such data. The Pragma Advogados team also offers advisory services and representation in criminal, misdemeanour, and civil cases concerning personal data protection.
Immigration Law + -
The exceptional professional and family conditions that Portugal offers foreign citizens represent a strong incentive for them to come to our country, whether to invest, perform skilled labour, or for family settlement.
For citizens considering Portugal with migratory and entrepreneurial interests in mind, there are currently mechanisms such as the Golden Visa, the non-habitual resident status, or family reunification, which, in addition to providing advantages from a legal and tax perspective, allow foreign citizens holding a residence permit to enjoy several of the privileges granted to European citizens.
Through expert knowledge and a specific legal consultancy project, which draws on our extensive experience, we seek to offer clients permanent support and consistent, creative and tailored legal solutions throughout each administrative stage of the procedure vis-à-vis the competent authorities.
Real Estate Law + -
In addition to matters constituting property rights in the strict sense, the world we live in requires Real Estate Law to be partially considered in its own right, given its specific nature, whether in the transaction of real estate of varying degrees of complexity, the associated financing, creating funds, and the applicable town planning law and lease rules, with a specific focus on vacating real estate. Pragma Advogados provides ongoing, comprehensive, fast and effective advice to national and, increasingly, foreign clients, from the planning and execution of real estate operations to the clarification of the legal consequences associated with these projects.

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